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Why You Should Leave Your Air Conditioning System On For Your Pets May 7, 2019

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Why You Should Leave Your Air Conditioning System On For Your Pets, New Rochelle, New York

When you have to leave your pets at home alone, you want them to feel safe and comfortable. This is especially true in the summer, when outside temperatures can soar to uncomfortable (and sometimes dangerous) levels. If you’re wondering whether you should leave your air conditioning system on for your pets when you go out, the answer is yes. Here are some of the reasons why — and how to do it without breaking the bank.

How Hot Temperatures Can Affect Your Pets

It’s always important to take your home’s temperature into consideration when caring for your pets. We get uncomfortable as humans when it’s hot and humid, but the discomfort is even worse for our furry friends. Animals regulate their body temperatures by panting, which exchanges the warm air from their lungs for the cooler air around them. If it’s too hot inside your house, your pet’s panting won’t properly cool their body, which can cause heat stress, exhaustion, and other unhealthy conditions.

Air-Conditioning-SystemLeaving your air conditioning system on while you are out will help avoid this situation during the hot summer months. Setting your thermostat around 78 degrees will provide an adequate level of comfort for most animals. If it’s comfortable enough for your pet, you might also consider keeping your animal in the basement while you’re out, as basements are typically the coolest area in the house. Always remember to leave your pet with plenty of water, since animals can get dehydrated very easily in the summer.

Cost-Efficient Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool

If you’re concerned that leaving the air conditioning on for your pets will wreak havoc on your utility bills, there are still ways to minimize costs while keeping your pets comfortable. For example, rather than cooling the entire house, you can keep your pet in one air-cooled room while you’re out. This is easy to do if you have an air conditioning system which provides zone comfort solutions, allowing you to monitor and control the temperatures of individual rooms. Many modern systems also let you control the temperature of your home remotely, allowing you to ensure your home stays cool for your pets even when you’re out.


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