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How Wall-Mounted HVAC Units Tackle Uneven Temperatures in Your Home May 7, 2019

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How Wall-Mounted HVAC Units Tackle Uneven Temperatures in Your Home, New York, New York

If you have a traditional HVAC system, some areas of your home likely never seem to have consistent temperatures. One way to solve this issue of hot and cold spots is to install wall-mounted heating and cooling units. If you aren’t familiar with wall-mounted units or aren’t sure how they can help you, the brief overview below will help you get started.

Which Rooms Have Uneven Temperatures?

Some rooms suffer from temperature troubles simply because of their location and design. Enclosed porches and sunrooms are typically made mostly from glass, and while this provides gorgeous outdoors views, it also creates dramatic temperature swings throughout the year. It can be tough to find relief in the scorching summer, and there can be drafts in winter unless the glass is insulated.

Other rooms to watch for include basements, garage workshops, and attic bedrooms. Often these areas are not insulated like the rest of the home or they are not connected to the ducts of a central system. Installing a wall-mounted heating and cooling unit in each room is a cost-effective and efficient way to make these areas consistently comfortable all year.

What Is Wall-Mounted Heating and Cooling?

wall-mounted-heating-and-coolingWall-mounted heating and cooling units offer personal zone control so that temperatures can be customized to the specific needs of a room. This keeps your energy costs manageable, since you will only run the unit when you need it. Traditional central air conditioning and heating options tackle the whole house at once with one uniform setting for every space. This becomes inefficient and uncomfortable when certain parts of your house have different temperature needs

Wall units are also easy to install and quiet when in use. Whereas a traditional units require you to connect additional rooms to a central system, wall-mounted heating and cooling units are quick to set up and only require a small hole for installation. Unlike window air conditioning units, which can be quite loud, these appliances are barely audible when in use. You can also control them remotely from your phone or other smart device, giving you full control of your home’s temperature regardless of whether you’re in your bedroom or vacationing on the other side of the country.



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