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SNS Vs. Gel Manicures: What’s the Difference? June 13, 2019

Meeting House Hill, Boston
SNS Vs. Gel Manicures: What’s the Difference?, Boston, Massachusetts

When you go to a nail salon, you expect a high-quality manicure that will last you a while without chipping. Gel and SNS manicures are two of the most durable options when it comes to professional applications, each using different techniques to seal the color to the nail and prevent damage. If you want to learn more about these options to discover which is best for you, here’s more information on them and how to maximize the life of your polish.

SNS Manicures

During a Signature Nail System (SNS) manicure, a nail expert applies a base coat and primer to the nail, then quickly dips it into a colored powder to protect it from chipping and make it last longer. After each immersion, the technician shakes off the excess powder and brushes on a base, then tops the color with a shiny top coat. No LED or UV light is required to dry the manicure, which can last up to three weeks with no damage.

Gel Manicures

nail salonGel manicures are similar to applying any polish, but the sealant comes at the end of the application. Your nail salon technician will prepare your nails by filing them or removing your cuticles, brush on a base, apply a few layers of your desired color, then finish it off with a transparent top coat. Afterward, a LED or UV light must be used to dry, lock in, and strengthen the polish. The light seals the color, making it last up to two weeks without chips.

How Can I Make My Mani Last?

While SNS and gel manicures are both long-lasting, there are a few ways you can prolong their life. After your appointment, apply cuticle oil to moisturize the buds of your nails, which helps prevent breakage and irritation. Hot water or air shortly after application can result in peeling and bubbles, so keep showers short and lukewarm to preserve a fresh manicure. Hand sanitizer dehydrates your skin and nails, damaging your top coat, so if you need to wash your hands soon after leaving your nail salon, use cold tap water.


If you want to learn how to apply manicures or get your nails done by learned experts, visit Jupiter Beauty Academy. Based in Boston, MA, this nail salon and beauty school provides a variety of salon services, from hair styling to mani & pedis. Their courses give students the hands-on experience and education they need to pass the state board exam and earn their cosmetology license. Visit their website to view their salon services, or call (617) 288-1811 to book an appointment.

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