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A Maintenance Guide for Granite Countertops May 13, 2019

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A Maintenance Guide for Granite Countertops, Jackson, California

Granite countertops can add a classy appearance to any kitchen remodel. They come in various colors and are known to last for over a century. However, they require a certain level of care to maintain their pristine appearance. Here’s a guide that you can follow to ensure your countertops continue to look their best.

3 Maintenance Tips for Granite Countertops

1. Wipe Down With Hot Water

Never use harsh cleaners on a granite surface. The chemicals within these products will gradually wear down the sealer and cause the stone to acquire a dull appearance. Even dish soap could leave a thin residue along the surface that will detract from its shine. Hot water and a soft cloth are enough to keep these countertops clean. Wipe them down with a dry towel to preserve their reflective quality.

2. Clean Up Spills Immediately

granite countertopsWhile there may be a sealer over the surface of the granite, certain liquids can cause stains to develop. Some of the top culprits include wine, coffee, oils, and juices. The best way to prevent unsightly blemishes is to clean up spills soon after they occur. This will reduce the amount of contact that they have with the granite and ensure that it retains its pristine appearance.

3. Apply Fresh Coat of Sealer

Sealers are made to last only a certain number of years; some make it three to five, while others go all the way up to 15+ before needing a new application. You can test their level of water resistance by sprinkling a few drops of water over the surface. If it remains as small beads, then the sealer is doing its job. If it begins to flow freely, then you might want to consider securing an appointment to have it resealed.


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