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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden June 12, 2019

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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

When your beloved garden becomes overrun by pests, it can quickly go from lush to barren. Certain bugs such as ants and crickets can nibble away most of the leaves and damage healthy flowers and produce. If you need help repelling critters from your garden, here are some pest control tips that can keep them at a safe distance.

Top 3 Tips for Garden Pest Control

1. Use Repellent Plants

Due to their odors, textures, and natural defenses, there are some plants that drive away insects and can help you with pest control. Mint, for instance, deters beetles and whiteflies, while dill is offensive to aphids and spider mites. Discover what pests are infiltrating your yard to use a plant to repel them.

pest control2. Avoid Monocultures

Bugs scout out their targets by landing on them repeatedly, but with diverse crops, it’s harder for them to find the same species twice. This means that growing different plants can help you prevent infestations. By using a system known as intercropping, which involves planting different veggies, herbs, and other varieties close together, you can disorient the insects and direct them to another yard.

3. Consider Coverings

Another layer of defense includes floating row covers, a piece of fabric that allows sunshine to reach the plants but keeps pesky insects like beetles away. Make sure the cover extends all the way to the ground so the insects can’t work around it. When your plants begin to bloom, remove all pest control netting so pollinator bees and butterflies can make their way through. 


If the bug problem in your garden has grown out of control, call E-town Exterminating in Elizabethtown, KY. Serving the surrounding community since 1976, their pest control team has helped root out unwanted visitors such as ants, termites, and moles. Since invaders follow their own schedules, their exterminators are available day and night to help you keep your landscaping healthy. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, or call (270) 737-6900 to schedule service.