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What to Expect During Concrete Floor Coating Installation May 15, 2019

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
What to Expect During Concrete Floor Coating Installation, O'Fallon, Missouri

The concrete floor of your garage takes quite a beating. Along with the wear caused by your vehicles, concrete can also be degraded by foot traffic and chemicals. Fortunately, concrete floor coating can preserve the look and function of your garage no matter what you put it through. Here’s what happens during the floor coating process. 


To ensure the floor coating adheres properly to the concrete in your garage, the surface first needs to be etched. This increases the concrete’s porousness, which allows the coating to penetrate deeply. This step also removes any chemicals on the floor, including oil from your vehicle. When prepping the concrete, steer clear of acid etching. While this does create a more porous surface, it also increases moisture, which can disrupt the coating process. 

Repair of Deformities

A uniform concrete surface will respond best to coating. As a result, your floor coating professional will also need to fill in any cracks or deformities to ensure the surface is indeed level. This can be accomplished by pouring sand into cracks and covering them with polyurea, a polymer material that seals cracks and prevents them from spreading. 

Application of Polyaspartic Floor Coating 

Floor-CoatingThe floor coating can be applied once the polyurea has cured. Polyaspartic coating must be applied quickly before it hardens. It’s often applied in two coats using a roller brush. The first coat forms the base, while the second coat seals the concrete against future damage. If you’d like to apply any decorative elements, you need to use three coats. In this case, the first coat acts as the base, the second coat contains the elements (such as pigments), and the third seals the floor. 



Interested in concrete floor coating? SealTek Surface Coatings in O’Fallon, MO, will walk you through every step of the process, from the initial prep to laying the final protective coat. Most installations are completed in one day, and you can typically walk on the coated floor about eight hours after installation. They can also mix in a variety of colors to boost aesthetic appeal. Best of all, their rugged proprietary coatings are backed by a 15-year warranty. Check out their website to see a gallery of past work. You can also call them (636) 294-6299.

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