Brookline Village, Massachusetts

How Wall-Mounted Units Can Help Regulate Hot & Cold Rooms May 7, 2019

Brookline Village, Brookline
How Wall-Mounted Units Can Help Regulate Hot & Cold Rooms, Brookline, Massachusetts

Maintaining an optimal indoor temperature can be a challenge during the summer. Some rooms tend to heat up or cool down much faster than others, and the overall effect can leave your living space feeling slightly uncomfortable. Even out your home’s cool air distribution by installing a ductless cooling and heating system by Mitsubishi Electric®. The variety of features that these products provide combined with their energy efficiency could be just the solution you need.

Which Areas Require Wall-Mounted Units?

It all depends on the location of each room. A sunrooms that gets an ample amount of sunlight during the afternoon might need a wall-mounted unit to combat the sudden increase in heat during the day. A basements that hardly gets any outdoor light could retain a cold, clammy atmosphere that might encourage mold growth; installing a ductless cooling and heating system in this room will reduce dampness and produce a comfortable temperature.

Evaluate the amount of sunlight that comes in through the windows and monitor the indoor environment as it changes throughout the day. This will help to determine which rooms would benefit most from a wall-mounted unit and simplify the decision-making process.

The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Cooling & Heating Systems

While each unit of a wall-mounted cooling and heating system connects to the same outdoor condenser, these units provide a unique feature called zoned cooling. This allows homeowners to set the temperature for each room of the house and alleviates the need to use a single setting for the entire floor, producing the ultimate level of comfort.

Additionally, these units have a series of sensors that detect when there’s been a slight change in temperature. These then alert the unit to make the necessary adjustments so that the room doesn’t become too hot or too cold. Their small size also makes them compatible with any space in the house and could provide the solution you seek.



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