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What Is the Connection Between Mold & My HVAC System? May 7, 2019

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What Is the Connection Between Mold & My HVAC System?, Goshen, New York

During the springtime, many places receiver higher-than-usual amounts of moisture. Whether that means lots of snow or rain, there is a higher risk of your HVAC system developing mold issues that can contribute to negative air quality. Here is some information on mold and HVACs to better the air quality in your home.

How Mold Interacts With Your HVAC System

How Does Mold Develop?

HVAC systems take in air before changing its temperature and recirculating it throughout the home. While processing the air, the ducts and filters can take in organic matter like hair, skin cells, pollen, and pet dander. All these particles can contribute to mold growth when the moist spring air encourages spores to form.

How Can Homeowners Treat it? 

It’s essential to change HVAC filters several times a year to ensure the system is working efficiently and mitigate clogs caused by hair and dust buildup. 

Many homeowners also use air purifiers or UV lamps to remove bacteria and mold from their ductwork and the air inside their houses. Air purifiers move air through a series of filters that trap particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. UV set-ups sterilize the air with a high-intensity light that kills bacteria, viruses, and mold — and most run so efficiently you don’t have to worry about increased utility bills.

HVAC system Orange County NYAdditionally, if your home features an older HVAC system, consider upgrading to a ductless unit to improve ventilation and reduce the likelihood of mold growth. Plus, these systems offer more advanced filtration and feature built-in air cleaners to reduce contaminants.

How Can You Prevent Mold?

Clean your home regularly to remove particles and contaminants like dust, pet dander, and hair. Vacuum once a week (or more if you have pets) and get regular deep cleanings for carpeting and upholstery to mitigate contaminants that are below the surface. Also, consider using a dehumidifier during the spring and summer to lower the moisture content in the air and reduce the likelihood of mold growth.


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