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How to Choose a Toothbrush for Your Child May 15, 2019

Hazard, Perry
How to Choose a Toothbrush for Your Child, Hazard, Kentucky

By instilling dental care habits as early as possible, you help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. In addition to getting your little one used to bi-annual dentist visits, make teeth cleaning easy and fun with the right toothbrush. The perfect toothbrush will get them excited about battling “sugar monsters” and be easy to use. To help you find the right tool, here are some factors to consider.

4 Ways to Select the Right Toothbrush for a Child

1. Consider Mouth Size

Children’s mouths are naturally smaller than adults’, so using an adult-sized toothbrush can be challenging and make it hard to reach the tiny crevices between teeth. Avoid this issue by choosing tools that have smaller brush heads, which will help your little one clean their mouths by themselves and ensure they’re reaching all the cracks.

2. Choose Soft Bristles 

dentistAlways pick soft-bristled toothbrushes, since they don’t irritate sensitive gums. Dentists never recommend medium and hard-bristled brushes because they can wear down the enamel and contribute to gum recession. Hand your child a soft brush, and use this as a teaching moment to instruct them to always be gentle with their teeth and gums to keep them intact.

3. Opt for Thicker Handles

Young kids are still learning coordination, so make it easy for your child to grip their toothbrush. Brushes with thick handles are easy to grip, which helps kids clean all of their teeth, including molars that are tucked away. Dentists suggest you look for soft pads on the grip to make it comfortable.

4. Get Your Child Involved

Help your child feel in control of their dental care by letting them choose their own tools. Children’s toothbrushes come in an assortment of colors and feature favorite cartoon and movie characters, which help them feel enthusiastic about cleaning their teeth. They also come in electric versions, which can entertain kids and get them excited about oral hygiene.


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