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3 of the Best Beer & Pizza Pairings May 10, 2019

Chili, Monroe
3 of the Best Beer & Pizza Pairings, Chili, New York

Did you know certain beers taste better with different types of pizzas? Pairing your favorite pie with the right brew will enhance the flavor of each, leaving you satisfied and ready to try another combination. Although experimenting with different combinations of pizza and beer is sure to yield positive results, it can take a while to find a favorite. Start with these three tried-and-true pairings, and you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

3 Delicious Beer and Pizza Pairings

1. Crisp Ale and Classic Plain

Homemade dough, traditional sauce, and melted cheese are the perfect pairing for a light, hoppy ale. The malty flavor is guaranteed to enhance the toasted crust, while its full-bodied, fruity taste won’t overwhelm the delicious mozzarella.

2. IPA and Meat Lovers

pizzaMeat is the star of the show here, and the bitter flavor of a fresh IPA will lend a great balance to the saltiness of your pie. The India Pale Ale gets its unique flavor by using more hops than the average beer, and by pairing it with a similarly bold pizza, you have a union fit for the biggest appetites.

3. Golden Ale and Vegetable Pie

Delicate veggies need a citrusy hop to compliment them, and a refreshing golden ale puts you on the right track. The light flavor of a golden ale (also known as a blonde ale) won’t overwhelm your taste buds, leaving you satisfied but still ready for the next slice.



Whether you’re ready to try one of these suggestions or have your own combination in mind, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Colombini’s Pizza & Deli in Rochester, NY. This establishment has been providing Monroe County with quality food for over 30 years. Come experience an old-school pizzeria, and browse their extensive beer menu for the perfect pairing.  Visit them online for information on weekly pizza specials, catering, and hosting. You can also call them at (585) 889-2213 for fast delivery.

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