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4 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Walk-In Coolers May 15, 2019

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4 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Walk-In Coolers, Lemay, Missouri

A walk-in cooler is essential for businesses like grocery stores and restaurants that store perishables. But, if the cooler is poorly maintained, it will likely waste energy and break down. While a refrigeration service helps to get the unit up and running again, you risk losing the items stored in it from spoilage. Here’s how you can maintain your walk-in cooler and prolong its life span.

How to Maintain Your Walk-In Cooler

1. Inspect It Regularly

Give the walk-in cooler an inspection at least every three months. Pay close attention to its condensing unit, made up of a compressor, coil, and fan motor. Refrigeration experts recommend shutting off the condenser before cleaning it. Keep the areas around the cooler clear of obstructions for proper airflow—poor air circulation can cause its motor to work harder and consume more energy in the process. Also, inspect the door gaskets, hinges, and closers to see whether they’re still useful in keeping the cooler closed.

2. Have It Cleaned

refrigeration serviceAnother essential maintenance task to do is cleaning the cooler inside and out. Use mild detergent and water to clean the interiors. Avoid using acid-based cleaners as they can corrode the metal parts of the unit. Outside, sweep up debris and mop the surrounding areas of any spills. Check the evaporator fan assembly, which collects and drains water.  

3. Keep Track of Temperatures

A functional walk-in cooler does not require frequent temperature adjustments—even if you’re tempted to do so with cold weather or peak usage. Doing this only results in freeze-ups that can damage the cooler. But if you notice fluctuations in temperatures, something is faulty with your unit. Hire a refrigeration service technician for diagnosis and repairs.

4. Schedule Annual Maintenance

While there are a few tasks you can do on your own for your cooler’s upkeep, remember that it’s still essential to entrust other jobs to the professionals. Hire a refrigeration service specialist to perform a more thorough assessment—from electrical wiring down to condenser fans—and cleaning of the cooler. They know what to look out for, taking measures to fix the problems and improve the unit’s performance through tune-ups.  


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