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4 Ways Arborists Can Tell if a Tree Is Sick May 13, 2019

Lilburn, Gwinnett
4 Ways Arborists Can Tell if a Tree Is Sick , Lilburn, Georgia

Trees are a valuable addition to any landscape and a vital part of the ecosystem. But like any living thing, they can become sick and begin to die. A sick tree isn’t just unsightly but can also threaten other flora in the area and pose a safety hazard to people, animals, and property. Here are four signs arborists recommend to spot a sick tree so you can address it before it becomes a danger. 

4 Signs of a Sick Tree 

1. Visible Fungi

Decay often occurs internally, but in some cases, you might see signs of corrosion on the outside of the tree. One common giveaway is fungi, such as mushrooms, at the base of the trunk. The wood may also appear soft and crumbly. 

2. Trunk Damage

arboristsDamage is typically evident in the branches first but eventually will show up in the trunk as well. The most common symptoms to look for are deep splits and cracks, spot sores, or bald spots where the bark is missing. These flaws create a place for disease to thrive without the bark’s protective coating. Insect infestations are also common in diseased trunks. If more than half of the bark is missing, tree removal may be the only option. 

3. Spotty Leaves

When a tree’s leaves are yellow or develop spots or holes, it indicates armillaria root rot, which is caused by a fungus. Eventually, the branches will begin to fall off, and the trunk, with its weakened root structure, may start to tilt. This disease progresses slowly and will take a few years to kill the tree. By addressing it right away, however, you can extend the tree’s life span without infecting other trees and plants nearby. 

4. Brittle Wood

Heavy, dead wood is another sign of infection. Brittle wood is a safety hazard as it can easily snap off, particularly in a storm. Don’t try to remove these yourself because it may be dangerous—call a certified arborist. They’ll remove the affected branches and determine the cause of the issue to prevent it from spreading. 


If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs in trees on your property, turn to the trusted arborists at Casey Tree Experts. Based in Lilburn, GA, this tree pruning and removal company has served Gwinnett County for years, providing a range of services to keep properties healthy and green. The arborists have been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture® (ISA). Call (770) 498-7000 to schedule a consultation or emergency tree removal or visit the website to learn more about what they can do to help your home or business.