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What Does a Metal Fabricator Do? May 10, 2019

Archdale, Randolph
What Does a Metal Fabricator Do? , Archdale, North Carolina

Whether you need to repair industrial machinery or are looking for a one-of-a-kind ornamental handrail, custom metal fabricators offer a wide range of services that can help. These highly skilled technicians focus on manipulating many types of metals to craft resources that are both reliable and functional. To better understand what metal fabricating involves, here are the primary tasks these specialists perform.

What Can a Metal Fabricating Specialist Do?

Design & Planning

When you need custom metalwork, you don’t necessarily need to have plans in hand. Your metal fabricating expert can review your goals and draw up plans that allow you to see what you’ll get before it’s actually made. If you approve, these professionals will then determine which types of metals are best for the project and create a strategy for crafting the resources you need.


Using a wide range of heavy-duty tools—such as saws and lasers—fabricators will cut fresh sheets of metal in various sizes. These sheets may be used entirely to create surfaces or be shaped into three-dimensional objects.


metal fabricatingWhile cutting is the act of creating sheets, machining is the process of using special high-powered tools—such as drills—to form raw materials into their final shapes. This technique can be adapted to create everything from basic to complex shapes, making it ideal for those who need new custom components for machinery repair.


Welding is the act of using heat to carefully melt two metals and join them together. Since all types of metal can respond to heat differently, welders must take care to adjust the temperature and the technique to keep the material functional and strong.


When the custom metalwork is done, fabricating specialists can provide a series of treatments to finish the material. For example, they may apply a coating to help prevent the material from rusting. Painting and polishing may also be provided to give the product a sleek, finalized look.


Serving the High Point area for more than 25 years, M & M Metal Fabricators is a leading resource for all your custom metalwork needs. Backed with state-of-the-art resources, these specialists can tackle both minor and major projects—including those that require machinery repair, welding, and machining. Focused on client satisfaction throughout North Carolina, this team will not only produce solutions that are functional and effective but stylish as well, all based on your specific needs. To learn more about their affordable in-house and mobile metal fabricating services, visit this Archdale, NC, shop online. For estimates and project assistance, call (336) 885-9353.

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