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FAQ About Brake Systems May 15, 2019

Elizabethtown, Hardin
FAQ About Brake Systems, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Vehicle owners are responsible for keeping their cars in top shape to keep themselves and others on the road safe. That means getting professional brake repair as needed. Here are a few frequently asked questions about brake systems to help get to know this critical part of your vehicle.

4 Commonly Asked Questions About Brakes 

How Long Do Brakes Last?

The average brakes will last between three and six years based on use. Individuals who live in cities will burn through brakes faster because they stop more frequently. To extend the life of your brakes, try to avoid applying them while traveling at high speeds; the increased friction will wear down components faster.

What Happens During a Brake Inspection?

brake repairDuring a car tuneup, a mechanic will look at the pads to ensure they’re not worn down, and they will check that the rotor and calipers are in good shape to avoid creating unnecessary friction that will wear them down too quickly. Plus, these professionals will assess whether you have adequate brake fluid, and they will top it off if necessary.

What Does It Mean If the Brakes Squeak?

Many drivers are concerned when they press on the brake pedal and hear a squeaking sound. This may indicate a slight layer of rust on the rotors caused by condensation or precipitation. The sound often goes away after you drive for a little while. However, if the noise doesn’t stop, the pads are likely worn down. Head to an auto shop for brake repair to avoid failure. 

What Maintenance Should I Do? 

It’s critical to perform regular maintenance to keep your brakes working. You can ensure these devices last and avoid brake repair by changing the fluid every 25,000 miles and topping it off in between services to keep the system lubricated. 


Those interested in brake repairs or maintenance should contact All Around Auto Care in Hardin County, KY, to set up an appointment. The shop has been open for 12 years maintaining and fixing foreign and domestic vehicles and providing tow service. Call the Elizabethtown brake repair specialists at (270) 737-9954, and visit the website for information on their tuneups, tire rotations, engine replacements and more. 

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