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3 Gardening Tips to Help Echeveria Flourish May 15, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Gardening Tips to Help Echeveria Flourish, Hilo, Hawaii

For those who are interested in the beauty and health benefits that come with houseplants, succulents are the perfect option to pick up from a gardening store—particularly echeveria. This plant is both hearty and attractive, making it an ideal starting point for amateur gardeners. However, it still requires proper care to flourish. As such, here are some gardening tips to help ensure the health and wellness of your plant.

How to Grow Healthy Echeveria

1. Drainage

Many novice plant owners think there’s no such thing as too much water, but this gardening myth is incorrect. When echeveria sits in water for too long, its roots begin to rot, which is why proper drainage is critical. Mix coarse sand with the soil so that water can drain away, and make sure that its pot has holes in the bottom to let water escape. Also, don’t leave the pot sitting in a saucer; throw the old water out once it drains.

2. Sunlight

gardeningEcheveria’s natural habitat is a semi-desert environment where they receive full and regular sunlight. They can still get too much light, however; an overabundance will burn their leaves, leaving some dead and brown. This is a sign that you should move your plant into a slightly shadier location or rotate it more often to even its sun exposure. This will help keep it growing straight instead of leaning one way or another toward a light source.

3. Water

Although you don’t want to overwater your plants, underwatering them is also problematic and produces similar results like dead leaves, wilting, and shriveling. To avoid leaf rot, pour water on the soil instead of directly on the plant. Do this two or three times and then wait to water it again until the soil has completely dried out. This will help you avoid giving the plant too much or too little water.


Whether you’re a novice plant grower or an experienced expert, you can find a knowledgeable source of gardening advice and plant care products from Garden Exchange in Hilo, HI. For over 55 years, this family-owned and -operated store has provided everything from organic fertilizer and lawn mowers to garden supplies and growing tips for a wide variety of plants. Learn more about what they do by visiting them online, or call (808) 961-2875 to speak to a friendly representative. 

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