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Is Getting an HVAC Tuneup Worth It? May 13, 2019

Akron, Summit
Is Getting an HVAC Tuneup Worth It?, Akron, Ohio

If it’s been a tough season for your heating system, perhaps you’re wondering whether your air conditioning system is up to par for the approaching hot weather. As HVAC contractors know, an HVAC tuneup serves purposes similar to maintenance for your car or SUV. Here’s how investing in preventive care for your home’s heating and cooling system will deliver dividends for you down the road.

Why HVAC Contractors Recommend Tuneups

Identify & Replace Worn Parts

Just as the internal systems in cars experience wear and tear, your air conditioning and heating systems have lots of parts that become worn with use and age. When HVAC technicians give systems tuneups, they inspect the inner workings, identify problem spots, and replace worn parts before trouble starts or damage occurs.    

HVAC cotractorsExtend Your System’s Life Span

With HVAC tuneups, you get more years of service from your home’s environmental system. An experienced HVAC contractor can help you extend the life of your heating and cooling system. A longer-lasting system can save you money on replacements, and it can also put off large repairs as small issues will be fixed before they worsen.

Save Money on Energy Costs

When heating and cooling systems run efficiently, they keep energy costs down, which saves you money on monthly utility bills. When your HVAC contractor completes a tuneup of your HVAC system, the result is more effective cooling and heating with less energy usage. You’ll notice the difference in the air throughout your home, and you’ll see extra funds in your bank account balances.


An HVAC tuneup helps your system maintain long life and conserve environmental and financial resources. The HVAC contractors at Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning, in Akron, OH, are experts in keeping heating and cooling systems running at peak efficiency. Operating for more than 44 years, this company’s team of technicians specialize in AC and furnace installation and service for residential and commercial HVAC systems. Visit their website to learn more about their experience, and call (330) 644-7811 to schedule your HVAC tuneup.

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