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3 Warning Signs of Transmission Problems May 9, 2019

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3 Warning Signs of Transmission Problems, Newark, Ohio

From speeding up to slowing down, transmissions are a vital component of every automotive system. When they begin to fail, it's imperative that drivers take steps early to avoid unexpected breakdowns and damage to other parts. To identify the need for transmission repair, stay alert for these three warning signs.

3 Signs You Need Transmission Repair

1. Dashboard’s Warning Light Turns On

Today's auto manufacturers install a variety of sensors in a vehicle to help catch issues before they become serious. Fortunately, one of these items monitors the transmission's temperature, and when it gets too hot, the associated light on the dashboard lights up. In such scenarios, there's a high probability that the transmission fluid is low. Since the liquid doesn't evaporate, like engine oil, the likely cause is a leak.

2. You Hear Unusual Noises

transmission-repairEvery vehicle produces some level of sound. Unless you’ve just started driving your vehicle, it's easy to recognize noises that are out of the ordinary. When transmission repairs are needed, your transmission produces unusual sounds that are noticeable enough to catch your attention. In automatic variations, it's typically a humming noise, while manual units produce a loud grinding sound.

3. You Have Trouble Switching Gears

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, the shift up or down in gears is instant when functioning correctly. For that reason, any delay or struggle when shifting is a cause for concern, as well as a sign that you may need transmission repairs soon. Some of the most common issues related to shifting issues include a failing clutch system and low fluid pressure. If your dash light has also turned on, then the fluid level is likely to blame.



If you've noticed any of these signs, turn to the trusted team at Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair for dependable transmission repairs. Since 1959, the family-owned shop has been a leading provider of auto repairs and maintenance to drivers across Licking County, OH. Visit the local business online to learn more about their transmission services, or book your appointment today at (740) 522-4459.

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