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An Easy-to-Follow Checklist for Your Move May 9, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
An Easy-to-Follow Checklist for Your Move, Manhattan, New York

Moving requires plenty of organizing and planning to ensure you are ready to relocate when the movers arrive. Besides placing your items in boxes and bins, there are a few other steps to take to make your transition an easy one. Below is a simple checklist to help you get started.

A Moving Checklist to Follow

Two Months Before

Start sorting and purging all of your belongings. Make three piles: keep, toss, and donate. The more you get rid of, the less you’ll have to pack and prepare for the movers. Begin researching potential moving services to help you with your relocation, and book one when possible.

Six Weeks Before

Gather boxes and other packing supplies, so you have everything you need to begin packing. Also, start tossing any perishables you don’t need, along with open cleaners, makeup, and other chemicals. Contact the city to find out how to properly dispose of hazardous materials.

One Month Before

moversStart packing items you don’t need on an everyday basis. Label each box with the room in which it belongs and mark boxes with fragile items. Next, confirm your moving date and time with the movers, and head to the post office to fill out a change of address form. Don’t forget to forward bills for your credit cards and cell phones to your new home. Also, make sure the utilities are all set to use in the new place.

Two Weeks Before

Make sure your job knows about the move, as they will need to update your personal details. Also, confirm with your building’s management team that you will have access to any necessary elevators on moving day and that the movers can reserve a parking space near the entrance.

One Week Before

Finish up packing, and make yourself an overnight bag filled with the essentials you’ll need to get through the first few nights in your new home. Stop any newspaper deliveries and fill necessary prescriptions.

A Couple Days Before

Start cleaning up your current residence, especially if you want your full security deposit back. You will have to return to do a walk-through with your landlord once the place is empty, so start washing down rooms and surfaces.

Moving Day

Take an inventory of your boxes, and bring valuables with you in a separate bin. When you get to your new home, make sure you have all your belongings before the movers leave. Also, check that you understand your payment options and be prepared to pay with cash, check, or credit card, depending on what the moving company accepts.


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