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How Does Having a Motorcycle Affect Your Auto Insurance? May 15, 2019

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How Does Having a Motorcycle Affect Your Auto Insurance?, Mount Healthy, Ohio

While many motorcyclists would prefer to ride year-round, most people also own another vehicle to accommodate inclement weather. However, now that spring is here, it’s time to strap on your helmet, and review your separate motorcycle insurance policy. Here’s how the coverage affects the policy for your existing car or truck.

How a Motorcycle Impacts Your Auto Insurance

Bundling Discounts

If you secure motorcycle insurance with the same carrier who provides you with auto coverage, you could be eligible for a discount for bundling them. When adding your motorcycle policy to your coverage plan, ask about bundling discounts to reduce premiums for both your motorcycle and your vehicle.

Good Driving Record Helps

motorcycle insuranceA driving record free of traffic violations may work in your favor when securing motorcycle insurance. If you’ve maintained good habits on the road and have not acquired any points on your license, your rates might be more budget-friendly. Careful driving may even be rewarded with a discount.

Low Mileage Incentives

If you’ve decided to make your motorcycle the primary mode of transportation, then you’ll be driving your car less frequently. Auto insurance providers consider how far you drive around town each year when determining rates. Lower mileage in your car reduces the chances of being involved in an accident in that vehicle because it won’t be on the road as often, which may lower your auto premiums for a few months. Ask if you’re eligible for a lower rate on your existing auto coverage now that you’ll be driving your motorcycle more often.


Ohio Insurance Center Agency in Cincinnati, OH, provides customized motorcycle insurance for residents across the state. As an independent firm, you can count on the team of experienced and friendly agents to shop for the best coverage from several leading carriers. In addition to accommodating Hamilton, Butler and Warren counties, the agency is licensed to serve all Ohio residents. For a free, no-obligation insurance quote, call (513) 522-6300. For details about other coverage options, such as high-risk insurance policies, visit them online.

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