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3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home's Electrical System June 12, 2019

Ponahawai Ahupua`a, Hilo
3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home's Electrical System, Hilo, Hawaii

In many ways, pets are like children. They're curious and playful, which can spell trouble when it comes to cables that carry electricity. Animals love to chew on cords, pull plugs, or get into places we never thought possible, which puts them at risk. To help you make your house safe for all family members, here are some ways a residential electrician can assist with pet-proofing your home.

3 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Electrical System

1. Place Wires Out of Reach

Long wires are a temptation for pets, who can try to play with them. Not only can this damage your wiring, but it also leaves your animal at risk for electric shock or choking if it wraps around their neck. To avoid this, use cable turtles to wind up any long cords and keep them organized. An electrician can also lift the wires off the floor and run them through the drywall, or encase them in PVC piping to keep them safe from curious paws.

2. Cover Device Cables

residential electricianPets can chew on anything they find, and charging cables always tend to attract their attention. Residential electricians recommend investing in spiral wraps or wire looms to cover cables to prevent animals from getting shocked. If you’re in a pinch, bubble wrap, aluminum foil, and rubber stripping can also keep your cords free of damage while you wait for a professional installation.

3. Switch to GFCI

If your animal loves playing in your bathroom, this leaves them at risk of electric shock if they knock appliances such as hairdryers into wet sinks or tubs. A residential technician can upgrade your outlets to include ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), which will shut off your power if they sense an issue. This prevents electrocution, keeping all members of the family safe.


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