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4 HVAC Service Tips Every Homeowner Should Know May 13, 2019

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4 HVAC Service Tips Every Homeowner Should Know , Conneaut, Ohio

Knowing when and how to secure HVAC services can be a challenge for first-time homeowners. Are you unsure of how to keep your system in shape? Follow this guide to maintain full functionality in all seasons.

HVAC Tips for First-Time Homeowners

1. Change Filters

These materials improve indoor air quality by capturing dust, pollen, and other particles as they pass through the system. However, it’s only a matter of time before they accumulate a solid layer of debris and allow allergens and contaminants to filter into the home. Change filters at least once a month to prevent buildup and preserve the breathability of your home.

2. Vacuum DuctsHVAC services

With the amount of dust that travels through the system, there’s bound to be some level of buildup within the central air ducts. This can reduce air flow and keep the system from producing desired temperatures. Remove vent covers and vacuum out duct interiors at the start of the season. If there still seems to be an obstruction, call HVAC services for more in-depth cleaning.

3. Use Programmable Thermostats

Running the air conditioning or furnace all day wastes energy. Increase the efficiency of the system by installing programmable thermostats. The scheduling capabilities of these products allow homeowners to choose when they want their home to be at a certain temperature. The sensors will then note variances in the atmosphere and alert the system to make the necessary adjustments.

4. Schedule Routine Inspections

Internal issues tend to develop undetected and can easily detract from the system’s functionality. Routine inspections are the best way to avoid a costly replacement. HVAC service professionals will examine each component in detail and run tests to determine their condition. If any appear to be on the verge of wearing out, they’ll recommend repairs to maintain full operation.


Care for your heating and cooling system by scheduling service with Burdick Plumbing & Heating. These professionals have been providing quality HVAC services for over 45 years and are recognized throughout Conneaut, OH, for their attention to detail. Each of their HVAC contractors is highly trained in the latest techniques for installation and repair. Learn more about their air conditioning solutions by visiting their website. Call (440) 599-8248 to secure an estimate.

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