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3 Common Reasons Cars Break Down May 3, 2019

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3 Common Reasons Cars Break Down, Byron, Wisconsin

While no one wants to think about their car breaking down, it’s important to prepare for emergencies like this. Several culprits could be to blame, all of which will require the assistance of an auto repair technician. Here’s what you should know, so you can make arrangements if your car suddenly breaks down.

Why Do Cars Break Down?

1. Flat Tire

Dealing with a flat tire can be frustrating, especially if it occurs when you’re stuck in traffic or driving somewhere important. Some signs indicate the tire is worn or flat. For example, you might hear a strange noise that signifies air escaping from the tire. You might have to hold the steering wheel to one side to keep the car moving in a straight direction. Examine your tires regularly for signs of worn tread. “Bald” tires can be especially dangerous to vehicles and drivers, particularly when you’re on a wet road as it causes the car to hydroplane. If you have a spare in your trunk, then a 24-hour roadside assistance company can help you out of this jam.

2. Dead Battery

auto repairOne of the more common reasons cars don’t start is because the battery is weak or completely dead. Under normal circumstances, the average car battery should last approximately six years. If it hasn’t been replaced, or if your driving habits are conducive to weakening the battery—for example, you take many short drives every day—then it may lose power while you’re out. As long as you have a set of jumper cables in the car, you can ask another driver to jump-start your car, so you can get to the nearest auto repair center for a replacement.

3. Engine Failure

Engine problems can be due to several issues, but one of the most frequent culprits is overheating. If there’s a leak somewhere in the cooling system, then the engine can’t cool down effectively and remains at a consistently elevated temperature. If the radiator fan is compromised or clogged, then a similar issue occurs. You can sometimes tell that the vehicle is overheating by the presence of steam emanating from under the hood. The car’s temperature gauge light may also turn on.


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