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Why Do You Need Foundation Inspections Before Buying a House? May 7, 2019

Louisville, Jefferson
Why Do You Need Foundation Inspections Before Buying a House?, Louisville, Kentucky

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ll likely look for curb appeal, structural integrity, and a reasonable asking price. Once you become interested in a specific property, schedule a foundation inspection to ensure there are no potentially dangerous and costly issues below the surface. Here are a handful of reasons why you need an inspection before making an offer.

Ways Foundation Inspections Protect Your Potential New Home

1. Control Pests

Insects and rodents, such as termites, ants, and mice, often enter the home via cracks in the foundation. Inspections will locate any exterior fissures so you can have them repaired. That way, you won’t have to worry about pests moving into your home before you do.

2. Prevent Shifting

When a home’s foundation undergoes pressure over time, it gradually sinks farther into the ground. When this happens, the foundation may shift, resulting in interior and exterior cracks that weaken the structure. Foundation inspections will rule out these issues, ultimately sparing you expensive repairs.

3. Keep Water Outfoundation inspection

Cracks in the foundation make homes vulnerable to indoor flooding, mold and mildew buildups, and property damage. Foundation inspection companies will identify gaps and holes, sealing them to keep water and moisture out of your basement.

4. Repair Damage Before It Worsens

In addition to cracks and fissures, other common foundation issues include crumbling, deterioration, bulging, and buckling. An inspection will spot the first sign of these issues, allowing you to fix them before they compromise structural integrity and safety.


Ensure the strength of your home’s foundation with services from Case Foundation Systems. Since 1944, this family-owned and -operated business has provided foundation inspections, crack repairs, concrete lifting, and basement waterproofing to clients in Louisville and Lexington and throughout the tri-state area of Kentucky. Call (502) 367-7706 today to request a free estimate, and visit them online to browse their services.

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