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3 Common Reasons Semi-Trucks Break Down May 16, 2019

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3 Common Reasons Semi-Trucks Break Down, Hobbs, New Mexico

As a trucker, you have deadlines to meet—meaning you want to avoid breakdowns in the middle of nowhere as much as possible. This starts with making sure all your truck parts are in solid condition for the journey. The guide below looks into some of the common reasons why semis malfunction on the road, so you can be proactive about preventing them.

Truck Parts That Often Cause Breakdowns

1. Brakes

Poor driving conditions and heavy loads make it especially crucial to keep your brakes in top condition. These truck parts are more complicated than those in a regular car—and uneven wearing of the drums or the use of mismatched parts could cause the brakes to become unbalanced, resulting in unnecessary friction. Otherwise, the extra miles on the road and the extra moisture they are exposed to—due to operating on a hydraulic system—can also lead to problems. Therefore, have them inspected regularly and before especially long hauls.

2. Radiators

truck partsSemi-trucks often experience overheating, especially on hot summer days or when they are going through mountain passes. The radiator is what cools the engine. Check its fluid levels before every drive and top them off if needed; if it always seems low, you likely have a leak that will need to be fixed. 

3. Electrical Systems

The electrical system consists of the battery, the starter, and the alternator. Batteries may lose a charge, wires can fray or corrode, and the starters and alternators can cease functioning, perhaps due to overheating. If this system experiences a problem, your truck will not even start. It should be checked every time you take your truck in for servicing.


Upgrading your older truck parts before they fail will avoid an inconvenient and possibly dangerous breakdown. Hobbs Spring & Suspension, also known as TruckPro, has been providing truckers across New Mexico with the highest quality parts and services since opening in 2000, which is how they’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®. Visit them online for a list of what they sell or call (575) 393-3051 to schedule suspension or brake work.

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