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4 Signs Your Car Radiator Needs to Be Replaced May 15, 2019

Barkhamsted, Litchfield
4 Signs Your Car Radiator Needs to Be Replaced, Barkhamsted, Connecticut

Your car’s radiator has one important job: keeping the engine from overheating. It releases heat absorbed by engine coolant into the air so the liquid can continue circulating normally and avoid issues such as damaged seals, cracked head gaskets, and warped cylinders. Excessive heat and pressure can even cause the part to explode. Fortunately, you can replace it with an affordable used radiator. But first, here are the signs it needs to be swapped out.

How to Tell You Need a Replacement Used Radiator 

1. Leaking Coolant

Look for coolant puddles on your garage floor or anywhere else you park your vehicle. Cracked radiators contribute to overheated, damaged engines, as do holes in radiator hoses. Auto mechanics look for steam emanating from the radiator to identify the leak’s source. Also, consider how often you refill the coolant level — if you always seem to be topping it off, you have a leak.

2. Rust Damage

used radiatorWait for your vehicle to cool completely before checking for radiator rust damage. Removing the radiator cap while the engine is still hot can cause coolant sprays that injure exposed skin. If there is rust damage, you’ll see visible corrosion on the radiator as well as discolored coolant instead of the normal yellow, red, or green hue. Rust pieces mix with the liquid to create a thick sludge that prevents normal coolant circulation.

3. Consistent Engine Overheating

Pay attention to how often your car overheats, as no properly working vehicle will overheat on a regular basis. Consistent overheating indicates a coolant leak, cooling system obstruction, sludge, or another issue causing the radiator to fail. The engine will eventually cease working if the radiator does not get serviced.

4. Water Pump & Thermostat Problems

Never ignore a failing water pump or thermostat, as both contribute to proper radiator function. The water pump prompts the cooling system to circulate coolant through the engine and helps maintain a healthy temperature, while the thermostat contributes to overall radiator function. Get these parts replaced to prevent problems. Depending on how much damage either issue has inflicted, you may need to replace the radiator as well.


Replace this essential car part with a used radiator from Stewart’s Used Auto Parts in Barkhamsted, CT, to keep your vehicle operating smoothly. The local auto shop and salvage yard offers an extensive computerized inventory that includes domestic and foreign used auto parts. Call (860) 379-7541 today to discuss the parts you need or learn about used radiators online. Get more auto maintenance tips on Facebook.

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