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How Pets Can Damage Your Lawn & How to Prevent It May 8, 2019

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How Pets Can Damage Your Lawn & How to Prevent It, Berrett, Maryland

One of the biggest lawn maintenance challenges for people with pets is dealing with the patches of dead grass caused by their furry friends. Both urine and feces can damage your lawn, along with constant wear and tear from pets. The information below will help you understand how your pets contribute to unsightly lawn patches.

How Do Pets Cause Patches on the Lawn?

Pet Waste

Urine and feces, in small amounts, both act as a fertilizer. Unfortunately, most dogs tend to leave waste in the same spots over and over again. Pet waste is rich in nitrogen, and just as over-fertilizing your lawn results in nitrogen burn, so does frequent urine and feces. 

Pet Activity

Lawn maintenanceDogs tend to run back and forth, creating a path on the lawn. The constant wear and tear can leave your grass looking trampled and unhealthy. Naturally, dogs dig to hide possessions or find new ones, leaving holes and gaps in the grass. They also tend to cover their droppings by kicking debris over it, further damaging the lawn and requiring frequent lawn maintenance. 

What Can You Do to Prevent It?

To minimize the effects of urine on the lawn, you can dilute it by adding water.  A motion-activated sprinkler placed near your pet's favorite spot can immediately dilute the urine, so you won’t have to worry about manually doing it each time. It's also important to scoop up feces as quickly as possible for optimal lawn maintenance. To minimize activity damage, confine your pet to certain areas of the yard by fencing off certain portions of the lawn, such as near a garden bed. Change the location every week or two.



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