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4 Signs Your Computer Has a Virus May 10, 2019

Brighton, Monroe
4 Signs Your Computer Has a Virus, Brighton, New York

Viruses are a type of malicious software that can wreak havoc on your computer. Worse, they can easily spread to other vulnerable computers. How it affects your system will likely depend on factors like your existing protection and its damaging capability. If you notice any of the below signs, head to a technician for computer virus removal right away.  

How to Tell if Your Computer Is Infected

1. Several Pop-Up Windows

Pop-up ads can indicate adware or Trojan clickers. Be wary of ones that appear out of nowhere, especially when you’re not running an internet browser. If you see these windows, refrain from clicking on them. Doing so could allow more malware to be downloaded or activated automatically. Instead, have a computer virus removal specialist investigate the issue.

2. Sluggish Performance

If your computer is computer repairsrunning much slower than usual while you’re doing regular activities like searching the web or opening a document, you may have malware. These infections can be tricky to diagnose, particularly if your computer is older. If it’s fairly new and hasn’t exhibited slowdowns before, then it may be due to malware hogging the computer’s resources.

3. Suspicious or Erratic PC Activity

Sudden crashes, freezing, and strange error messages often indicate that you have a virus. Look for excessive hard disk and network activities. Malware may be manipulating your computer behind the scenes. If some files are deleted or a few programs fail to launch, it may be due to a malware attack.  

4. Unauthorized Emails or Withdrawals

There are instances when viruses do more than damage your computer. They can also allow unscrupulous hackers to gain access to sensitive information and personal accounts. Pay close attention to social media posts or emails made on your behalf that seem out of character. Check your bank accounts and look for unauthorized withdrawals. If you suspect an infection, reset your passwords, and bring your machine to a computer virus removal specialist.


If you notice any of the above signs, schedule a computer virus removal appointment at Microworx. Based in Rochester, NY, their team provides a full range of services, including computer virus removal, data recovery, server configuration, and custom-built PCs. Call (585) 271-0050 to discuss your issue, or learn more about their services on their website.

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