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3 Ways Older Adults Can Benefit from Yoga May 16, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
3 Ways Older Adults Can Benefit from Yoga, Northwest Travis, Texas

Although some may tout it as fitness fad, yoga is so much more than just a form of exercise. It’s a fantastic way to fortify both mind and body. Furthermore, despite the constant images of complicated, pretzel-like poses and headstands, it’s incredibly accessible for everyone. Older individuals can especially benefit from incorporating it in their lives. Here are some of the ways yoga promotes senior care.

Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Senior Care Routine

1. Adaptable for Any Physique

No matter what your current fitness level may be, even if you deem it nonexistent, you can start doing yoga. Under the right instructor and in the right environment, all poses can safely be modified to accommodate your individual range of motion and flexibility. Consistent practice will eventually expand it, too.

2. Supports Bone & Joint Health

senior careFor those with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, the gentle, weight-bearing movement of yoga can help you gradually build strength. It’s also low-impact. Although some teachers and practitioners jump from certain poses to the next, it’s not a requirement. You can always go into a standing position first while transitioning through them.

3. Lowers Anxiety & High Blood Pressure

Whether it’s stress over family matters, health problems, or finances, the combination of controlled movements and deep breathing can quiet the mind and provide a respite from worry. Mindful meditation is also a significant component of yoga and, when practiced daily, it's been proven to lower blood pressure.


If you’re someone older and interested in trying yoga in an accommodating and welcoming environment, Longhorn Village has the classes that fit the bill. Located in Austin, TX, this independent living community specializes in senior care. They believe that age shouldn’t preclude anyone from being as physically or mentally active as they were before and offer a variety of health and wellness services to continue such a lifestyle. Along with yoga, they also offer tai chi, water workouts, and nature walks. To learn more about the community and their approach to senior care, visit their website or call them today at (512) 266-5600 to schedule a tour.

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