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Top 4 Pieces of Golf Course Etiquette You Should Follow May 9, 2019

Grants Lick, Campbell
Top 4 Pieces of Golf Course Etiquette You Should Follow, Grants Lick, Kentucky

Whether you’ve had golf lessons or are anticipating your first time on the golf course, being courteous and following the unspoken rules of the game is a must. Etiquette limits disputes, keeps people moving, and promotes safety — leading to smoother and more pleasant play for all. Below are four main points of golf etiquette you should know before heading to the course.

What Are Proper Manners On the Golf Course?

1. Play By Local Rules

Each golf course you go to may have their own unique set of rules and expectations, and it’s common courtesy to follow them. If you’re at a course for the first time, look around for any posted rules or requests. They’re often available on membership paperwork or scoring sheets, but if not, ask the staff.

2. Respect Your Caddie

golf courseOften, caddies are young people who are there to earn a little extra cash while being around a game they love. Seasoned caddies can be invaluable in anticipating upcoming holes, knowing the course’s hazards and design, and offering insider tips for a better game. Showing them respect and appreciation is common courtesy, but it also enhances your experience of the game and makes them more eager to help you.

3. Follow Safety Practices

In a game where small, hard objects fly through the air at top speed, safety is a must. While golf is a leisure activity, stay aware of your surroundings and follow established safety practices. Always drive the carts responsibly, and don’t swing if your ball is in danger of striking another golfer. If you swing and think it may hit or be close to someone, yell “fore” and make sure they’re okay before resuming play.

4. Keep a Steady Pace

Golf is a long game with 18 holes, often miles of course to traverse, and everyone playing on the same field. Because of these factors, maintain a steady, brisk pace while playing to avoid delaying other peoples’ games. Your turn should take no longer than a minute from the time you step up to the ball. If you’re still strategizing when your turn comes, invite another golfer in the group to go first while you think. This prevents everyone from standing around and waiting — both in your group and for those playing after you.


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