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4 Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Commercial Sign June 12, 2019

Downtown High Point, High Point
4 Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Commercial Sign, High Point, North Carolina

With commercial signs, companies can create buzz around new products, sales, events, or simply advertise their brand. With so many signs out there, not all of them will catch the eyes of passersby. To help make yours stand out, put some thought into its design and message. If you need advice for creating an effective, eye-catching sign for your business, here are a few designing tips.

How to Make Your Commercial Sign Stand Out

1. Be Concise

Many companies use more words than necessary on commercial signs, which can distract from the message. By using only a few words, you’ll leave them wanting more and keep from overwhelming them. For example, instead of creating a sign that reads, “30% off all pillows, blankets, lamps, and accessories this Saturday,” write, “Saturday Sale: 30% off home goods.”

2. Choose Simple Fonts

While it may be tempting to pick a font that’s interesting and unique, ensure it’s simple enough to be easy to read. Customers must be able to absorb the information in commercial signs when they’re walking past or from a distance. Skip ornamental or cursive fonts that can make it hard to discern between letters, and opt for sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica, Arial, and Geneva.

3. Use Contrasting Colors commercial signs

Lettering isn’t the only factor that affects the readability of signage. Contrasting colors also draw attention and make letters stand out, so consider using one shade for the letters and another for the background. You can also use lights behind your sign to create shadows and highlights, which will immediately draw the eye.

4. Tell People Why They Need a Product or Service

The most effective signs don’t just advertise products, but also inform customers of why they need them. For example, when selling flowers, tell people why they should buy a bouquet and who they should give it to. A commercial sign that reads, “Show your mom you care with flowers,” is more likely to convert into a sale than, “Buy flowers today.” This is because it creates a personal connection with the viewer and plants the idea in their head.


If you want to create a memorable commercial sign for your business, contact Craven Sign Services, Inc. in Guilford County, NC. Since 1965, they’ve offered ADA-compliant signage for interior and exterior use, including vinyl graphics, storefront signs, and custom banners. They also help with logo creation to help you advertise your company in a unique way. Visit their website for information on their products and services, or call (336) 883-7306 to discuss a project.

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