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3 Reasons to Purchase Renters Insurance May 8, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
3 Reasons to Purchase Renters Insurance, Cookeville, Tennessee

For many individuals, renting a home or apartment is preferable to purchasing real estate outright. Although homeowners insurance is a given for buyers, not everyone considers the value of renters insurance. Here are three key way this important form of coverage can help you.

Why Do You Need Renters Insurance?

1. Protects Your Belongings

The main reason for renters to purchase insurance is to obtain valuable coverage for their personal belongings. This includes everything from electronics and clothing to jewelry and furnishings. If any of these items are lost due to a fire, smoke damage, flood, theft, or explosion, then you can recover the value through your policy. The landlord’s main insurance policy applies to the building itself and the structure of the units—but has no connection at all to your personal property. It’s up to you to protect what you own, even if you don’t think it’s very much. 

2. Provides Liability Coverage

Cookeville, TN apartmentAccidents can happen at any time. Through renters insurance, you’re absolved of liability if someone is injured inside your apartment or home due to accidental negligence on your part or anyone else who is covered by the policy. The liability coverage typically includes any legal fees and medical expenses as well as court costs.

3. Safeguards During Travels

Odds are you’ll take a few possessions with you when you go out of town. No matter where you happen to travel, your belongings are covered by your insurance policy in the event of a theft. Whether they’re stolen from your car, your apartment, or out of your suitcase, you’ll have protection if something is taken. All you’ll need to do to file your claim is provide the insurance company with a police report and a full inventory of what was taken along with each item’s value.


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