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Want to Become an Electrician? 5 Terms to Know May 15, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
Want to Become an Electrician? 5 Terms to Know, Queens, New York

Whether you’re studying to become an electrician or just starting your new career, there are certain important terms you should make a point to review and memorize. Understanding them will promote clear communication and help ensure you’re performing work safely. Here are some common terms and definitions you need to know.

5 Terms Every Electrician Should Know

1. Volt

Volts measure electrical pressure. You’ll notice voltage readings on bulbs and batteries, meaning they should not exceed that amount of pressure. These units of electromotive force amount to the difference of potential energy between two circuit conductors.

2. Load

Load refers to any equipment or devices requiring a supply of electrical energy, such as home lighting, HVAC systems, transformers, and appliances. It’s important to differentiate load from nonelectrical power sources, such as generators and batteries. 

3. Fuse

electricianFuses are strips of wire that melt in order to break electrical currents when they reach unsafe levels, thereby preventing electrocution and fire hazards. After this happens, you’ll need to replace fuses to restore the supply of power. 

4. Charge

Charge is responsible for generating an electrical field. There are two types of charge: negative and positive. Charges are negative when they contain more electrons than protons, which causes them to attract positive charges. Charges are positive when they contain more protons than electrons, attracting negative charges to them.

5. Resistor

Resistors reduce the electrical current. These electrical components cause resistance, which is measured in ohms. 


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