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3 Games to Play on Asphalt Paving July 2, 2019

East Earl, Lancaster
3 Games to Play on Asphalt Paving , East Earl, Pennsylvania

Asphalt paving is one of the most versatile construction materials, used everywhere from homes to commercial businesses and public buildings such as schools and community centers. In addition to providing space for walkways and parking, it can also provide play space. With a bit of paint or chalk and imagination, your asphalt pavement can double as the perfect outdoor game space. Here are three ideas to try. 

3 Games Kids Can Play on Asphalt Paving

1. Four Square

This game is typically best for slightly older kids. It’s played with four players positioned on a square divided into quadrants. The square can vary in dimensions, but is typically 16 feet on each side. The goal is to eliminate other players, which is done by bouncing the ball back and forth between the quadrants. When someone doesn’t successfully pass the ball, they’re eliminated, and other players fill their spot until there are just two players in a show-down. The quart is typically painted onto playground surfaces or basketball courts. To create it, you’ll need to wash and dry the surface, apply primer, measure and create a chalk or tape outline, and fill in your chosen paint. You may also need to coat it with a sealant to ensure it sticks. 

2. Hopscotch

asphalt pavingHopscotch is a time-tested standby. Although there are variations, it typically involves playing a small item such as a ball or hacky sack into a grid of rectangles. Then, kids hop through the spaces once, then back again, retrieving the item on their way back to the home square. Hopscotch grids are often permanently painted onto flat, level pavement, or drawn simply with chalk. Most chalk will wash away from asphalt paving in the rain, but be careful with new applications, as freshly laid asphalt can absorb colors. 

3. Map of the U.S. or World

You can also mix physical education with geography by painting a map of the U.S. or the world on your asphalt pavement. This is a particularly popular option in schools or lots with ample space. There are a few geography-based games you can play with this, including having kids run to different states as you name them to test their knowledge. You can also ask kids to hop over to a state and name its capital for points. Try painting different states or regions in varying colors of water-based latex paint that’s specially formulated for asphalt. 


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