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3 Benefits of Certified Canine Bedbug Detection June 3, 2019

Downtown Milford - Harbor - Post Road South, Milford
3 Benefits of Certified Canine Bedbug Detection, Milford, Connecticut

Bedbugs make bedding, linen closets, luggage, and upholstery their habitat, and once they’re established, they can be hard to detect. Rather than waking up with itchy red welts at home or dealing with angry customers who find bugs in their hotel room, consider using canine detection services when you suspect you have an infestation. If you’ve never heard of using dogs to locate pests, here are some of the advantages it has over human detection.

3 Reasons To Use Canine Bedbug Detection Services

1. Fast & Accurate

Bedbugs’ tiny, nearly-translucent eggs often go unnoticed, and bugs in the early stages of life can also be hard to locate. Dogs trained in bedbug detection can locate infestations at any stage of the pest’s life cycle with complete accuracy. Canines sniff out insects in bedding, walls, and furniture so you know exactly where to focus your bedbug removal efforts. By using their powerful sense of smell, dogs also complete inspections in about half the time it takes for humans to do the same.

2. Non-Invasive 

bed bugsHumans have about 5 million scent receptor cells in their noses, while canines such as German shepherds and beagles have about 225 million. By using only their senses of smell to locate pests, dogs detect infestations quickly and without creating messes or displacing items. If you need to check a hotel or multiple rooms for bugs, this not only saves you time, but also ensures you don’t have to fix the bedding on multiple beds following your inspection.

3. Early Detection

Due to their ability to detect eggs and early-stage bedbugs, canines can find localized issues before they become full-blown infestations. Containing breakouts early prevents them from spreading to other areas, saving you money on removal. This also protects the reputation of hospitality establishments such as hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts, which rely on being seen as clean places to stay.


If you think you may have bedbugs, don’t wait to schedule an inspection. Call Pro K9 Plus, LLC in Milford, CT, the commercial and residential pest control company serving the entire tri-state area. With the help of their trained canines, they provide bedbug detection, rodent removal, and other pest control. Visit them online to learn more about the process, or call (203) 906-0422 to set up an inspection.