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3 Foot Exercises to Strengthen the Muscles & Alleviate Pain  May 15, 2019

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3 Foot Exercises to Strengthen the Muscles & Alleviate Pain , High Point, North Carolina

When you’re experiencing discomfort in your feet, you can sometimes mitigate the pain through carefully chosen exercises. It’s well worthwhile to speak to a foot specialist who can recommend which techniques are best for your specific problems so you can prevent problems before they become serious. Here are three exercises that are meant to help common ailments. 

Useful Foot Exercises

1. Toe Lifts

To bolster your toe strength and create more resiliency in your feet, do a few toe lift reps several times a week. Stand up straight and lean back so you’re supporting your weight with the balls of your feet. Slowly lift the front of your feet then come down in a controlled way. Depending on how you’re feeling, two or three reps of ten is a good routine. If you experience any pain during the exercise, stop and consult with your foot specialist. 

2. Ankle Alphabets

foot specialistPart of keeping your feet happy is supporting the surrounding bone and muscle systems, such as your ankle. When you’ve been feeling tightness, are recovering from a sprain, or are experiencing limited mobility, it can be helpful to try out a few ankle alphabets. Spell out every letter of the alphabet with your foot to boost your mobility. 

3. Toe Flexing

Another option fuses toe strength with flexibility. The three-part exercise begins in the same manner as the toe raises except you’re seated. Once your feet are fully raised except for the balls, hold for a few seconds, then lower them. Next, elevate your heels until only your toes are in contact with the ground. Again, hold for a few seconds before lowering. Finally, do the same thing except curl your toes instead of pointing them forward. Doing several reps of this set is a useful core exercise recommended by many foot specialists. 


If you continue to experience pain in your feet or toes, don’t wait to see a foot specialist at High Point Foot Center. With more than 17 years of experience, their lauded podiatrist, Dr. Kevin Henry, has a medical degree in podiatric care and has been certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery®. He’s committed to improving your quality of life and reducing any pain. To make an appointment from anywhere in the Piedmont Triad, NC, area, call (336) 882-2070. Learn more about the foot doctor by visiting the website

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