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3 Maintenance Tips for Your Deck June 13, 2019

Stayton, Marion
3 Maintenance Tips for Your Deck, Stayton, Oregon

Even when you have a deck made from high-quality lumber, you’ll need some maintenance to keep it in top shape and protect it from the elements. Having a handle on your seasonal and annual tasks will improve the look of the deck and help your lumber look pristine for many years. To help you get started, here are some ways you can care for your hardware.

How to Maintain Your Deck

1. Seasonal Inspection

With every new season, spend a few minutes assessing the condition of the lumber of your deck. Look for discolorations, warping, or rot on the wood, which may require replacement. To identify whether a board is rotting, use a tool like a screwdriver to probe darkened spots and check if they feel soft. While small sections of rot can sometimes be scraped away, you’ll need to replace your boards if the issue is widespread to prevent collapse.

2. Cleaning

lumberWashing your deck can cause water accumulation between boards, which leaves you at risk for mold. To prevent this, use a flex knife or other thin blade to carefully scrape the spaces between them to uproot pieces of dirt and leaves, which retain water. To give you an even deeper clean and polish the look of the surface, use a wood-specific cleaner over the area.

3. Sealing

After years of sun exposure, the color of your wood can begin to fade. By applying a sealant every few years, you can restore the original vividness of the board color and highlight its natural grain. The seal even protects against the sun’s UV rays, preventing discoloration. The product will need to dry for a few hours, so ensure you’re applying it on a day with no rain on the forecast. 


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