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4 Home Electrical Trends New Electricians Should Know May 8, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
4 Home Electrical Trends New Electricians Should Know, Queens, New York

With homes becoming more energy efficient and technologically advanced, it can be tough to keep up with every new development. However, as an electrician, these trends will likely become part of your career. Here are a few you may encounter on the job.

Home Electrical Trends Current Students Should Know

1. Automation

While homeowners have long been accustomed to flipping switches and pressing buttons to control their home lighting and appliances, times are changing. Individuals can now use their smartphones as a universal remote able to control everything from the lights and TV to the HVAC system. Savier homeowners don’t even need to push a button, as you can use voice-activated devices, such as Alexa, to control all smart appliances.

2. Solar Energy

electricianAs more homeowners turn to energy efficient green technology, you might see more solar panels on residential properties. This will change the way electrical components of a home operate, so be sure to know if a client has solar panels before taking a job. You may want to pursue continuing education to enter the solar niche, which could become a lucrative opportunity in the future. 

3. Electric Cars

As an electrician, you may need to install charging ports in residential garages for electric cars. This may involve revamping a garage’s wiring to accommodate the charging port or designing the wiring in a new build. This trend may also overlap with commercial spaces, such as parking lots, as more individuals drive electric cars in the future. 

4. USB Ports

Home outlets are a staple of a house’s electrical grid, but this might be changing. Electricians are now installing USB ports into electrical outlets to accommodate charging devices. Many of the outlets have both three-pronged plugs and USB ports.


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