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Attorney Brian D. Perskin Explains Child Support December 5, 2013

Midtown East, Manhattan
Attorney Brian D. Perskin Explains Child Support, Manhattan, New York

Divorce cases that involve children are more complicated than those that do not. Before a divorce judgment can be granted, both parents must come to an agreement regarding child custody and support. If neither party can agree, a judge will grant custody and support orders. Previously, the law firm of Brian D. Perskin & Associates discussed how the courts determine child custody, and now we will address the issue of child support.

Under the Child Support Standards Act, the amount of money a non-custodial parent will pay to their former spouse in the form of child support is set at a certain percentage, depending on how many children the couple shares, as well as the paying parent’s gross annual income. For instance, a non-custodial parent shares 2 children with their former spouse. The non-custodial parent earns an annual salary of $40,000 per year. According to the Child Support Standards Chart, the non-custodial parent would need to pay 25% of their gross annual income for child support, which equals $10,000 per year.

Usually, a parent will be required to pay child support until the child reaches 21 years of age. However, payment may be ceased prior to that, depending on certain factors. If the child gets married before they turn 21 years old, is enrolled in the military, or is completely self-supporting, then they will legally be considered emancipated. In a situation such as these, a parent would no longer be obligated to pay child support.

Divorce is a very sensitive issue, especially when children are involved, and should not be taken lightly. Retaining an experienced family law attorney, much like those at Brian D. Perskin & Associates, can make a world of difference in the outcome of your divorce. An attorney who is well versed in matrimonial and family law will be able to guide you throughout the divorce process, and advocate on your behalf with both child support and child custody issues in family court. Contact Brian D. Perskin & Associates for your consultation today!

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