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Why Are Termites and Mold Often Found Together? May 10, 2019

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
Why Are Termites and Mold Often Found Together? , Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Termites and mold are two issues that no homeowner ever wants to discover in their home. Unfortunately, it’s common to identify both at the same time. When found together, these issues can wreak havoc on your property. Below is a comprehensive overview of the relationship between termites and mold and how you can prevent them from invading your home.

The Relationship Between Termites & Mold

Mold is a fungus that forms in damp conditions, often in the aftermath of a leak or flood. It releases spores into the air that can contaminate your indoor air supply and cause respiratory conditions, such as wheezing and asthma attacks. When wooden surfaces become wet, they not only become breeding grounds for mold; they also draw in termites. These insects are attracted to rotting wood because they consume the dead cellulose. Regardless of whether you have identified signs of mold or termites in your home, you should schedule inspections for both, as termites and mold thrive in the same conditions and can have similarly devastating effects. 

How to Prevent an Infestation

termitesIn the event of water damage, it’s essential to hire a remediation company to remove the water-soaked wood from your property. Leaving it to rot is an invitation for both mold and termites. You should also throw out any wood furniture that was exposed to water and open up the windows around your home to increase ventilation and speed up the drying process.



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