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3 Times Demolition Services May Be Needed for Your Home May 7, 2019

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3 Times Demolition Services May Be Needed for Your Home, High Point, North Carolina

If you’re buying a new house or need to make repairs to your current one, the thought of knocking it down may have never crossed your mind. However, there are several compelling reasons to call a demolition service. You could come out ahead financially and get a fully updated home in the process. Learn about why demolishing your home might be the best choice.

3 Reasons You May Need House Demolition Services

1. Repairs Are Too Costly

Sometimes, a house is so damaged that repairs would cost more than a new build. In older homes, this may be an unstable foundation that has shifted and cracked over time. Termites can also render a structure unsafe for living, and the repair process is so extensive that a teardown may be more cost efficient. Homes that have been severely damaged by fire or flood may also be ideal candidates for this process—water-warped flooring and smoke damaged walls may be unrecoverable.

2. You’re Doing a Custom Build

demolition serviceEven if the house is in decent shape, it may be outdated and a far cry from your dream home. In many cities, there’s limited space for new builds, so tearing down an old structure may be your best option. Your demolition service company will ensure all city codes are adhered to for proper safety. When they’re done, you’ll have an empty lot where you can make your home dreams come true.

3. The House Is Condemned

Houses can be termed condemned for several reasons, from extended vacancy to severe structural issues. If you’re buying a house that’s been condemned, check with your local jurisdiction to see if you can reverse the condemned status. However, if the city or town has determined that the structure is too damaged for safe occupancy, a teardown may be your only option.


If you need demolition service for the reasons above, contact A&M Crane and Rigging. For nearly 40 years, they’ve served the Carolinas and Virginia with crane, building relocation, and demolition services. They also offer cleanup after storms and equipment towing. To learn more about their offerings, visit them online or call (336) 889-6000 to get an estimate.

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