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The Top 3 Qualities to Seek in an Electrical Contractor May 6, 2019

Fennimore, Grant
The Top 3 Qualities to Seek in an Electrical Contractor, Fennimore, Wisconsin

When you need electrical repair you can count on, choose the right electrical contractor. If you hire someone inexperienced, you could find yourself facing more extensive repairs or even loss of power for days or weeks. To identify a quality residential electrician, here are some details to ask about before hiring.

What to Look for in a Potential Electrical Contractor

1. Experience

You want an electrician with several years — preferably a decade or more — of experience under their belt, so their rookie mistakes are in the past. A company with history is likely doing something right to stay in business for so long. Also, ask if they have experience with your type of problem. Sometimes, an expert who’s been working in the industry for decades may not be the best choice if they've never performed the specific type of maintenance you require. For instance, if you need a backup generator connected, find someone who has installed one before.

2. Licensing, Bonding, & InsuranceElectrical contractor

Licensing is a way your state and county assure that electrical contractors can pass muster. It means the contractors have enough training and on-the-job experience to satisfy basic, minimum standards. Insurance protects you financially in the event someone is injured or causes damage to your house or electrical system. For example, if the electrician accidentally backs a truck into your front railing and collapses the porch roof, their insurance will cover repairs and any medical treatment for injuries. Bonding protects both you and the company against activities committed by unscrupulous employees, an important consideration before you let strangers into your home.

3. Warranties

Most manufacturers of electrical equipment offer warranties on their products. However, these don't cover faulty installation. Make sure the electrical contractor you hire also guarantees their labor. Some offer warranties of 30 days, while others guarantee their work for a full year or more. Before you choose a residential electrician, find out how steadfastly they stand behind their work.


For help from a reliable, experienced, residential electrical contractor, contact H & N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical of Fennimore, WI. They are family-owned and -operated and have been serving Grant County for more than 60 years. In addition to electrical repair, they also specialize in plumbing, boiler, and furnace repair. Visit their website to message them online or call (888) 822-3258 to schedule service.

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