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Why Italian Cuisine Is Ideal for Team Dinners May 7, 2019

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Why Italian Cuisine Is Ideal for Team Dinners, Pelican, Wisconsin

When you want to get together with your sports team for a meal, you may wonder where to go to cater to everyone’s taste. With tasty dishes that keep people satisfied for a long time and can accommodate different needs, Italian cuisine offers benefits that other foods don’t provide. If you want to know more about how Italian food works for big groups, here are some reasons to choose it when you have many hungry mouths to feed.

4 Reasons Why Your Sports Team Should Choose an Italian Restaurant

1. Provides Fuel

Carbohydrates are the ideal fuel for fast-paced activities because they break down quickly to provide energy when you need it. Commonly including bread and wheat products, Italian cuisine staples such as calzone and pasta are rich in carbs, which will boost the energy of your team to prepare them for the big game.

2. Feeds Many People

Italian cuisineRestaurants serving Italian cuisine can easily feed a large group. With hearty dishes such as pizza or pasta bowls, you can share a couple of items or order individually, which will please everyone while keeping your costs low. 

3. Has Something for Everyone 

People have varied diets and allergies, which can complicate feeding a whole team. With tomato sauce as a base, Italian food offers options for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores alike. Those allergic to ingredients like seafood, peanuts, and wheat can also indulge in alternative dishes such as zoodles, or tasty noodles made of zucchini.

4. Is Easy to Serve

Pizza and pasta are perfect party foods. Pies come in pre-cut slices that are easy to share around a restaurant table. Pasta can be ordered individually in bowls or placed in trays and presented buffet-style for convenient carb-loading. 


Sports teams looking for a new pre-game spot should head to The Pizza Haven in Oneida County, WI. This neighborhood staple offers a range of authentic Italian cuisine options such as chicken Parmesan, shrimp scampi, and pizza, as well as some American favorites like mini corn dogs. They use only fresh ingredients that are never frozen, ensuring your team is operating on high-quality fuel. View their menu online, or call (715) 362-5942 to make a reservation. 

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