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4 Mouthwatering Wine & Pizza Pairings May 7, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
4 Mouthwatering Wine & Pizza Pairings, St. Petersburg, Florida

If there’s nothing you love more than biting into a slice of pizza, then you know that a glass of wine can elevate the experience even more. The two are natural complements — but you can really bring out the flavor of your pie by selecting the right type of wine. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind for your next meal.

Wine & Pizza Pairings You Need to Try

1. Pepperoni Pizza & Sauvignon Blanc

The rich, meaty flavor of pepperoni requires a wine with a little zest to bring the meal to life. A bold wine is always a smart choice, but it doesn’t have to be red. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc is bright, citrusy, and just sharp enough to hold its own against the spicy meat on your pizza.

2. Meat Pizza & Merlot

St. Petersburg, FL pizzaPizzas that pile on the meat — think bacon, chicken, and sausage — taste best with something rich and full-bodied. Merlot contains especially elevated levels of acidity and tannin, making it a great balancing partner for a meaty pizza.

3. Cheese Pizza & Pinot Noir

A plain cheese pizza is an all-time classic that’s slightly on the acidic side, thanks to its tomato content. The flavor isn’t usually too overpowering, so it’s helpful to add something that complements the tomato sauce well. Pinot Noir is light, fruity, and crisp, with enough acidity to balance the meal nicely.

4. White Pizza & Pinot Grigio

White pizza is lighter and simpler than its rich counterparts. Without any tomato sauce, it lacks the acidity of a traditional slice. To bring out the cheesiness and garlic notes, pair it with a light wine, like Pinot Grigio. The beverage’s characteristic blend of floral and fruit notes provides the right balance for white pizza’s intricate flavor composition.


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