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Why Schedule a Roof Replacement Before Selling Your Home May 7, 2019

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Why Schedule a Roof Replacement Before Selling Your Home, Pine Lake, Wisconsin

Putting a home up for sale isn’t something that happens overnight. To attract potential buyers, all necessary repairs and remodels have to be completed first. During this project time, you’ll need to decide whether a roof replacement is needed. Buyers are often worried about this structure, and choosing to replace it, repair it, or do nothing will likely impact your selling price.

How to Determine If You Need a Roof Replacement?

Iroof replacementf your roof is currently approaching the end of its life span or has significant damage, you would be better off replacing it before trying to sell. This ensures when buyers view the home, they have less to worry about and encourages them to buy at your asking price. Additionally, buyers are more attracted to well-maintained properties, so you’d also be able to sell it quicker instead of having it sit on the market for months. 

What Happens If You Don’t Get a New Roof?

It’s not always necessary to replace a roof. Sometimes, having a contractor perform a few repairs is enough to prevent buyers from worrying. To further ease fears, have the roof certified for the next three to five years to cover any work needed. If it’s approaching the end of its life, this is a way to prevent having to handle the replacement work yourself and possibly avoid having to lower the asking price. 

You could also choose to sell the home as-is. However, this approach is only recommended if you can’t afford the replacement or if you live in a sellers’ market. Study current market and sales activity to determine if this would be doable. In competitive regions, it’s possible to sell the home with a damaged roof at your desired price—except when the buyer’s lender requires all major repairs to be completed before the sale is final. In this situation, you would most likely be responsible for the cost of a new roof. 


Save yourself a lot of trouble of trying to sell your home with a damaged roof and, instead, contact Lar-Son and Sons Inc. for a high-quality roof replacement. This third-generation, family-owned business has served Rhinelander, WI, and the surrounding areas for nearly 80 years. Their roofing contractors utilize high-quality materials and construction methods to deliver guaranteed work. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and call (715) 362-2769 to schedule a consultation.

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