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Introducing the ED Ellen DeGeneres® Lighting Collection May 2, 2019

East Walnut HIlls, Cincinnati
Introducing the ED Ellen DeGeneres® Lighting Collection, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lighting sets the mood of a room. The right lamp can transform a space from a relaxing reading spot to a romantic corner for two. The new ED Ellen DeGeneres® line from Generation Lighting is all about maximizing such versatility. Find out what to expect from this adaptable and affordable line of fixtures and chandeliers below.

Modern Midcentury Design

lampsMidcentury design is the guiding principle of the ED Ellen DeGeneres Line. This aesthetic movement’s roots date back to the 1950s. It highlights functionality while providing clean, organic silhouettes. 

The updated take on this look features a toned-down color palette and favors natural materials like wood and metals over plastics and fabric. The resulting style is sleek and urban.

Versatile Styles

lampsThe simplicity of these lamps makes them easy to integrate into a variety of spaces. The Augie #1 (above) is a perfect reading lamp, for instance. The Brianna #15 chandelier (left) will add a touch of elegance above a dining table or breakfast nook.

Many of the models are also available in different finishes. Choose the color that best fits your space, from midnight black to burnished gold. 

Affordable Prices

Ellen DeGeneres might be a superstar, but this line of lamps isn’t reserved for those on a Hollywood budget. Most of the products in the line are under $1,000. This allows you to get multiple pieces at once and redo the lighting concept for an entire room. 


Palette Studios of Cincinnati, OH, is proud to carry the ED Ellen DeGeneres line. This custom lamp studio has been in business for over 100 years. They believe in providing unique lighting at affordable prices. Known for their friendly service and attentive customer care, they’re always happy to advise clients on what type of lighting decor best suits a room. Get a peek at their product offering online. Call them (513) 961-1316 to discuss their inventory. A member of their team will be happy to help you.

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