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3 Ideas for Places to Scatter Ashes May 9, 2019

East Haven, New Haven County
3 Ideas for Places to Scatter Ashes, East Haven, Connecticut

When someone you love passes away and opts for cremation services, you may wonder what to do with their ashes. By communicating with the person and carefully considering their wishes, you can choose the a meaningful final resting place. Here are a few options to consider. 

A Guide to Scattering Ashes

1. Places That Hold Significance for the Deceased

Ask your elderly loved one which spots are special to them, and why they love those areas. For example, they may have fond memories of the park near where they grew up, the botanical garden they visited on weekends, or their childhood neighborhood. 

2. Favorite Vacation Destinations 

cremation servicesWhether your loved one visited the same national park each year or enjoyed regular trips to Hawaii, vacation spots can serve as a meaningful place to spread their ashes. Think about places they traveled often, or ask family members about trips they took with the deceased.

Bring along family members or friends to spread the ashes, and dedicate the trip to your loved one. When traveling, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends placing the cremains in carry-on luggage to prevent problems like accidental damage, spilled remains, or lost luggage. 

3. Places They Wanted to Go

After the cremation service, consider transporting their ashes to landmarks they dreamed about visiting. For instance, if they always wanted to hike to a mountain peak or scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, spreading their ashes there may be meaningful for them. Before scattering their remains, check with the local authorities to see if there are any restrictions. For instance, while National Parks typically allow the spreading of cremains, you should never scatter ashes on private property without asking for permission beforehand. 


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