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What’s the Difference Between Craft Beers & Micro-Brews? May 8, 2019

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What’s the Difference Between Craft Beers & Micro-Brews?, Norwich, Connecticut

The craft beer scene is rapidly expanding as more people develop an appreciation for finely-brewed beers. When you talk with an enthusiast or staff member at a beer store, you may hear them use terms such as “craft beers” and “micro-brews.” To help you navigate beer conversations and understand what you’re purchasing when you try one of these options, here’s a breakdown of what these industry terms mean.

Guide to Craft Beer vs. Micro-Brew


micro-brewsA microbrewery follows strict guidelines for how much beer they produce. A microbrewery is defined as any brewery that produces no more than 15,000 barrels of beer a year and sells at least 25% of their products onsite. Because of this strict “size” regulation, micro-brews are much rarer than craft beer.

Craft Beer

This term was created in the past 20 years, as beer rose in popularity and many micro-breweries started producing more beer to accommodate demand. A craft brewery is often described as any brewery that isn’t one of the major beer corporations. These companies are independently owned and don’t produce more than 6 million gallons a year.

They also use traditional ingredients for brewing, such as malt, water, yeast, and hops. If they do use an adjunct substance like rice, corn, or honey, it’s for enhancing flavor rather than cutting costs, which mega-breweries are often guilty of.


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