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3 Design Tips for Vehicle Wrap Fonts May 13, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Design Tips for Vehicle Wrap Fonts, Brooklyn, New York

As a small business, you work hard every day to get your name out there and earn a positive reputation. However, word of mouth alone isn’t enough; you’ll also need eye-catching graphic design working 24/7 to broadcast your brand, from the internet to the sides of your delivery fleet. As you plan a vehicle wrap to turn your cars and trucks into moving billboards, use the following tips to ensure the graphics bolster your business.

3 Clever Tips for Vehicle Wrap Fonts

1. Keep It Readable & Legible

When your van whizzes past other cars on the roadway, you’ll want your company name to be so easy to read that other drivers can still make out the brand name. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize the readability and legibility of the letter. Readability is about how the words and texts blocks are arranged on the wrap, and legibility is how well the characters within the typeface are defined. Drivers generally won’t be able to read finer details such as a list of service or your address unless they’re stopped near you at a light, your brand name should be written in letters that are thick enough, large enough, and spaced out enough for anyone to read at a glance.

2. Establish a Hierarchy

vehicle wrapWhen you study other advertisements such as flyers and websites, you’ll notice that information is presented in multiple complementary font styles or formats. Main information is written in bigger, more prominent characters, while details are positioned in smaller, thinner letters. When you work with a graphic design professional to craft your vehicle wrap, choose two different fonts that work together to form a visual hierarchy — they’ll separate the essential from the ornamental for your viewer. Avoid overcrowding with too many different fonts, however, as this can be incongruous and hard to read. 

3. Consider Your Audience

What demographic are you hoping to reach with your products and services? Think about their ages, interests, and personalities to inform the typeface for your vehicle wrap. For example, a mobile puppy grooming company might do better with charming, attention-grabbing fonts that remind consumers of their furry friends — like lettering that replaces the tittle of a lowercase “i” with a paw print, for instance. If you’re running a catering company for with high-end clientele, you’ll want to stick with clean, traditional fonts that exhibit a no-nonsense level of professionalism.


If you’re searching for a skilled graphic design team to help you create a vehicle wrap, get in touch with DTM Signs and Truck Wraps of Brooklyn, NY.  They’ve been helping a wide range of businesses enhance their marketing strategies, from independent contractors to established delivery fleets. To start designing your vehicle wrap today, call them at (347) 312-5488. Learn more about their other signage options by visiting the websiteFinancing is now available. 

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