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What You Should Know About Red Thread Disease May 15, 2019

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What You Should Know About Red Thread Disease, Cincinnati, Ohio

During damp and humid times of the year, you might notice what looks like pink or red fibers clinging to patchy areas in the turf. Known as red thread, the fungus won’t kill the grass but can survive for years and spread to other areas. To keep the fungus out of your yard, here’s what you should know about what conditions cause it to grow and the best lawn treatment approach to take. 

Why Red Thread Disease Develops

When grass is infected with red thread, it often looks dry and brittle. A mass resembling small branches called sclerotia can grow on the blades. Cotton-like, pink clusters of mycelium can also form at the blade intersections. The fungal infection often develops in nitrogen-deficient soil. Nitrogen levels are often lower in the spring, when grass uses it to grow. The air must also be humid, and temperatures must be between 68 and 75 degrees for the fungus to thrive. Fungal spores are transferred to other areas of the yard when you mow the lawn and turn on the sprinkler system. 

How to Treat Red Thread Disease

Cincinnati-Ohio-lawn-treatmentChanging the conditions that cause red thread to develop is the first step to take in your lawn treatment plan. A lawn care specialist can work nitrogen-rich fertilizer into the soil to make it less susceptible to contamination. They can also determine the best fertilization schedule based on the grass you have, its growing season, and your region’s climate. This could include applying fresh fertilizer in the fall in preparation for spring growth. They will also reapply it throughout the year to ensure grass doesn’t use up all of the available nitrogen during the growing season. If these efforts prove futile, a technician might try chemical-based lawn treatment solutions.  


If you believe red thread or another fungus has developed in your yard, reach out to the professionals at Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation in Cincinnati, OH, for help. They will fertilize the soil to boost nitrogen levels, install irrigation systems to keep plants hydrated, and provide additional solutions to maintain a healthy and vibrant yard. To discuss lawn treatment options in Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont counties, call (513) 755-9434, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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