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4 Reasons Seniors Should Get Excited About Technology May 9, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
4 Reasons Seniors Should Get Excited About Technology, Northwest Travis, Texas

Smartphones, tablets, computers, and e-readers are all a normal part of life for most people. However, for those who grew up without them, it is easy to become frustrated by these devices. In spite of that, the guide below offers several reasons you should persist. After all, social interactions contribute significantly to senior care

How Understanding Technology Is Beneficial for Senior Care

1. Stimulates the Mind

Learning a new skill helps keep the brain young. Understanding the technology itself can be a discovery, as well as all that online resources offer. You can do research for projects, explore your family history, or access favorite crossword puzzles and TV shows—all from a computer.

2. Keeps You Connected With Loved Ones

senior careEmail and texting are convenient ways of staying in touch with family. Additionally, modern devices will let you video chat so you can see each other’s faces. Devices also come with options for viewing online photo albums, sharing activity calendars, and keeping up with friends via social media.

3. Convenience

For everything from groceries to clothes, there are now ways to have it delivered straight to your door. This can not only save you time but also some heavy lifting. 

4. Health Aid

Smartphone and tablet apps can track fitness, sleep, and remind their owners when to take medicine and refill prescriptions, so you don’t neglect your own senior care. Medical records can also be stored on these devices, so they are easily accessible by doctors and hospital staff.


Staying abreast of technology will keep you connected to family and engaged in life. Longhorn Village, in Austin, TX, offers senior care residents amenities such as an internet cafe and wi-fi connectivity from all living areas. Dedicated to caring for their residents’ changing needs, they offer everything from yoga and woodworking shops for active seniors to physical therapy and memory care services for those in need of a little extra help. Visit them online to see the community or call (512) 266-5600 to schedule a tour.

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